The Emotion of Change

We’ve all heard it said that a single picture can speak a thousand words. That is especially true for this photo series. Jasmine and I are both in transitional periods in our lives and we wanted this shoot to capture the emotion of that. Sometimes change can be exciting and other times it can be miserable. We’re both learning that life is constantly changing. The key to coming out on top is being able to roll with the punches and being honest with yourself. If change makes you scared, angry, sad, etc… let it be. Feel the emotion. Let it run its course. If change makes you happy, excited, and feel even more centered, let it be. Let life happen. Accept your role in it as it is.

I love that art can speak so many things without actually having any concrete explanation. Check out the pictures and comment below to let us know what you guys think. Can you tell who’s portraying which emotion??

Until next time…





JasmineAlstonPhotography11 JasmineAlstonPhotography12



JasmineAlstonPhotography4 JasmineAlstonPhotography2

(That’s one of our dogs, Puma.)


All photos shot by Jade And Jasmine Alston for Jasmine Alston Photography. Edited by Jasmine Alston for Jasmine Alston Photography.

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