Dahnistry x Converse



Have you ever wanted to play dress-up and bomb through your favorite department store doing all the things your parents always told you not to??


Well Jas & I (along with our cousin, Katrina, and close friend, Tanisha) recently did. The neighborhood Target wasn’t ready for us…LOL!


We’ll let the pictures tell the rest…


JasmineAlstonPhotography JasmineAlstonPhotography2 JasmineAlstonPhotography3 JasmineAlstonPhotography4 JasmineAlstonPhotography5 JasmineAlstonPhotography6 JasmineAlstonPhotography7 JasmineAlstonPhotography8 JasmineAlstonPhotography9 JasmineAlstonPhotography10 JasmineAlstonPhotography11 JasmineAlstonPhotography12 JasmineAlstonPhotography13 JasmineAlstonPhotography14 JasmineAlstonPhotography15 JasmineAlstonPhotography16 JasmineAlstonPhotography17 JasmineAlstonPhotography18 JasmineAlstonPhotography19 JasmineAlstonPhotography20

All clothes are by Danhistry. It’s a custom clothing line by Philadelphia-based designer Dantriese. Click here for purchase details and upcoming collections.

We decided to each wear our favorite pair of Chuck Taylor’s…why?? Because don’t you just feel a little more bad ass in a bomb pair of Chucks.

All photos by Jasmine Alston and Katrina Smith for Jasmine Alston Photography.



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