I know, I know…I usually write these long reflective dissertations about life, love and whatever other “deep” stuff I can think of. But today, I decided to keep it short and sweet. I’ve been having a ton of fun lately because I’m finally getting back to work. I almost forgot about fun! The pictures from this week’s shoot reflect that. Like I’ve been saying, you never know what a day can bring, but we all know it’s going to bring something. You may as well have fun with it…right? Never forget to stay in touch with the kid in you! Life should be a big adventure that brings you tons of good times and memorable moments. And no matter what comes, remember, you choose how you feel. So LIVE IT UP AND ENJOY THE RIDE!!!!!!


NIK_1510 NIK_1504 NIK_1497 NIK_1493 NIK_1480 NIK_1477 NIK_1473 NIK_1426 NIK_1328 NIK_1324 NIK_1303

@JasmineAlston: Dress- Brittany Deshields, Shoes- Forever 21, Jewelry- Vintage

@JadeAlston: Dress- Brittany Deshields, Shoes- Forever 21, Shades- ShadesRUs, Jewelry- Vintage

All photos shot by Jade & Jasmine Alston for Jasmine Alston Photography. All photos edited by Jasmine Alston.

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