Does anyone remember that old saying, “There’s nothing new under the sun” ??? Well that was pretty much the theme for this shoot. Let me explain…JasmineAlstonPhoto-25 JasmineAlstonPhoto-27 JasmineAlstonPhoto-28

Jasmine and I are wearing pieces from REVAMPED, a boutique that specializes in vintage pieces. These are items that someone disregarded as old and out -of-date (hence being given to a thrift shop or goodwill) only to be found beautiful and relevant by someone else (hence being bought and stocked by Revamped Boutique) and then considered awesome (because they’re from the 90’s) and inspiring (hence the reason we got them for this shoot…lol).JasmineAlstonPhoto-29

In putting this together, I got to thinking about all the things from the past disregarded as garbage only to be found as treasure by someone else. And since I’m an artist to my core, most of my random thoughts usually lead me back to my artistic journey to “success” (whatever that means, lol). There is soooo much to be learned from our pasts. It is a record of the people that we were and it gives us the ultimate x-ray of the person that we currently are. Get it??? Just in case, I will go a little farther…

I would never recommend dwelling on the past or trying to relive it, just the same way I probably wouldn’t recommend bell bottoms for my dad again (from what I understand he used to wear them pretty well! HA!). What’s done is done, you can’t change it, and it’s in the past for a reason…. BUT I would recommend taking a look back every now and then. Taking a look back with a fresh perspective could open your eyes to what really works well for you, encouraging you to keep doing it. It could also show you the negative results that you may bring to yourself because maybe you consistently make the same ill-routed decisions. Maybe you just never noticed. You might find something beautiful and awesome. You could be inspired to be a better you, now. Just like we were with these dope 90’s ‘fits, taking a peak into the past might just inspire your best fashion shoot thus far.

Go ahead and let that marinate…. lol

JadeJasmineAlstonPhoto-9 JasmineAlstonPhoto-10 JasmineAlstonPhoto-11 JasmineAlstonPhoto-13 JasmineAlstonPhoto-14 JasmineAlstonPhoto-15  JasmineAlstonPhoto-17 JasmineAlstonPhoto-18 JasmineAlstonPhoto-21 JasmineAlstonPhoto-22  JasmineAlstonPhoto-7

Jasmine (@JasmineAlston): Top & Bottom-Revamped Boutique, Shoes-Thrifted, Earrings- Hand-crafted.

Jade (@JadeAlston): Dress- Revamped Boutique, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, Earrings- Hand-crafted by Anthony Chad.

We do our own hair & makeup for these shoots.

Shot by Jade Alston & Jasmine Alston. Edited by Jasmine Alston for Jasmine Alston Photography.

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    Just lovely

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