American Dreaming

So we started the blog last week and after everyone marvels at the dope photography (cough, cough…Jasmine is pretty awesome if I do say so myself) people ask what inspired us to do it. Here’s the honest truth: we love taking pictures, we love playing dress up, and we thought “Hmmm…we look pretty cool together, don’t we??” It was just that simple.

Our goal with this is simply to make dope art, promote cool brands & ideas we love, to do something cool together that we can both make a “come-up” with, and to inspire (of course). JasmineAlstonPhoto-10 JasmineAlstonPhoto-9

Jasmine’s dream is to be build a successful business around photography, travel and helping underprivileged youth. My dream is to build a long-term, lucrative career as a singer/songwriter/performer/etc… and to help young people interested in the arts make a way for themselves. It’s quite a long road. Trust me, I know it first hand. Music has been my sometimes loving/ sometimes abusive boyfriend since at least 1st grade, lol.

Choosing a career in the arts can be a gift and/or a curse. It’s common to hear stories about those starving artists that end up broke and psychologically unstable.  For this very reason, it took me & Jasmine several attempts at random “normal” jobs before accepting our titles as a “creative types”. But like that ratchet lady, Sweet Brown from Youtube said “Ain’t nobody got time fah dat!” LOL!

Thanks to family who support and encourage us to go for what’s in our hearts, we’ve been brave enough to try for our dreams and to dream bigger with every success we have. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly wake up 3/7 days-a-week wondering “WHY ME?!” “Why couldn’t I want to be a doctor or a lawyer?! At least there’s a set path to that goal!” It’s definitely tough!! But I would say this journey has made me braver than I ever thought I could be. As long as the rewards keep outweighing the downfalls, Jasmine and I will NEVER quit. (insert super serious face, lol)

Jasmine posted this on her Facebook page earlier today & it pretty much sums everything up: ‘It’s difficult to follow your dream. It’s a tragedy not to.’

‘Nuff Said. Back to that American Dreaming…


JasmineAlstonPhoto-8 JasmineAlstonPhoto-7 JasmineAlstonPhoto-6 JasmineAlstonPhoto-5-2 JasmineAlstonPhoto-4-2 JasmineAlstonPhoto-3-2 JasmineAlstonPhoto-2-2 JasmineAlstonPhoto-5 JasmineAlstonPhoto-4 JasmineAlstonPhoto-3 JasmineAlstonPhoto-2 JasmineAlstonPhoto JasmineAlstonPhotoo

Jasmine (@JasmineAlston): American Dreaming “Dream Bigger” Tee, Vintage Shorts & Boots, Joyce Leslie Belt, Fossil Watch.

Jade (@JadeAlston): American Dreaming Logo Tee & Hat, H&M boyfriend jeans, Forever 21 Faux Suede Pumps, Vintage Necklaces, Fossil Watch.

The tees & hat are from American Dreaming Magazine. To purchase email American Dreaming Magazine is a dope, informative magazine for young entrepreneurs! If you ever thought about turning your passion into a business,  Click HERE to suscribe…… and thank us below in the comments 😉

Photos shot & edited by Jasmine Alston for Jasmine Alston Photography

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5 thoughts on “American Dreaming

  1. Beautiful ladies I tell ya! I follow both of you guys on instagram and fell in love with your music even more (Jade) and with Jasmine’s passion with photography. Alston sisters rock!

    • Awww! Thanks for the kind words love! It’s all about spreading the good vibes! (& I see we have the same name, so that makes you instantly awesome in my book, lol)

  2. Saw you ladies mentioned on American Dreaming’s IG page and decided to check you out. Love the posts so far!

  3. So inspiring. I can relate so much to this blog!! Hope to see you two at the top!

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