A Day In The Life…

Today is the first time my mother allowed me to leave her sight since my “heart debacle”. She made sure I took my meds, wore a hat to protect me from the sun, had a bottled water, etc… My response, “Mom, Im 20+. You gotta chillllllll!!!!!!!” It was kind of pathetic, lol…but in a cute motherly way. You got to love moms.
To celebrate my jailbreak, Jas took me to our favorite thrift store. She was actually the one who found the dopest pieces. Those shoes!!!! 😍😍😍 Only 6$!!!!! I found some cool stuff too. All of which are posted below.

JasmineAlstonPhoto (1) JasmineAlstonPhoto-6 (2)

JasmineAlstonPhoto-7 (1)

We also stopped by the Dreaming Building…. You know you have real friends when they check on you just as much, if not MORE than your family does! *laughs* While I was in the hospital, my friend Brandon, editor-in-chief of American Dreaming Magazine, checked me every single day, at least twice a day. Gotta love a good friend. (single thug tear) lol. It was only fitting that as soon as I got well enough, Jas and I made our way to the Dreaming Building (AD Mag Offices) and caught up with the homie. Always a good time when we catch up…The mag is so awesome too! It’s definitely a great read for young entrepreneurs.


JasmineAlstonPhoto (2) JasmineAlstonPhoto-14 JasmineAlstonPhoto-12 JasmineAlstonPhoto-3 (1) JasmineAlstonPhoto-4 (1) JasmineAlstonPhoto-10

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